Glidden® High Endurance® Plus Exterior Paint and Primer Grab n Go


Gallon/3.78 L (01)


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Glidden® High Endurance® Plus Grab-N-Go Exterior Paint + Primer is a high quality, exterior latex paint pre-tinted in our most popular colors so you can grab your paint and get going fast. This 100% acrylic paint brings the quality you expect from Glidden to you outdoor projects with its excellent hide and adhesion, resistance to fading, cracking and peeling, and great dirt resistance. La pintura de exteriores Glidden High Endurance Plus Grab-N-Go es ideal para usar en exteriores sobre superficies bien preparadas o ya pintadas de madera, estuco, madera contrachapa con y sin base aplicada, placas de fibrocemento, aluminio desgastado, revestimiento de vinilo desgastado* y metal. This exterior formula protects against UV rays resists color fading. It also provides a mildew resistant coating that can be applied in low temperatures (above 35 degrees Fahrenheit). *Vinyl siding and similar plastic composites should not be painted with a color darker than the original color. Pintar el revestimiento de vinilo o los materiales compuestos de plástico con un color más oscuro puede hacer que se deforme.  


  • Excellent hide & adhesion
  • Resistant fading, cracking, & peeling
  • Gran resistencia al polvo
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7915GEP Semi Gloss Ready Mix Custom Color Gallon/3.78 L (01) N/D
7921GEP Semi Gloss Ready Mix Black Gallon/3.78 L (01) N/D
7925GEP Semi Gloss Ready Mix Custom Color Gallon/3.78 L (01) N/D