Glidden® Max-Flex Exterior Fabric Spray Paint


12 oz/340 g (EA)



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Glidden® Max-Flex Exterior Fabric is an exterior paint + primer spray paint with revolutionary technology that provides maximized UV protection for exterior fabrics like vinyl, leather, rugs, and more.  Glidden Max-Flex provides exceptional coverage while preserving the original look and feel of your item.  The unique spray pattern provides a broader, smoother finish. It covers surfaces with fewer spray passes than a traditional conical shaped spray pattern and dries within 5 minutes with a flawless, durable finish, so you can take on your projects with confidence. 


  • Durable paint finish that preserves original look and feel
  • Exterior spray paint formula that dries within 5 minutes
  • Maximum UV protection for exterior fabrics like vinyl and rugs
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