El dilema de un espacio abierto - Consejos para la decoración y pintura del hogar

El dilema de un espacio abierto

Q: I'm moving into a new condo with an open floor plan and agonizing about paint colors. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are all one big room. I'm looking for a neutral paint color for the walls. I'm thinking of going to the beige/tan route, but I want to make sure the color is warm, not too dark, and doesn't look the color every landlord paints apartments. I have eastern exposure and 9 foot ceilings. Any suggestions? Do you think i should veer from the beige/tan color palette? Thanks!

A: Congrats on the new condo!  With an open floor plan, you should choose a color that flows from space to space for consistency.  It's fine to choose a tan or taupe color as a backdrop, especially if your furniture is in cooler tones like gray or blue, or the silver metals, because then the two compliment each other nicely.  

However, if your furniture is brown or beige, I'd choose a different neutral, perhaps a gray with a hint of green or blue to it, such as Ghost Whisperer and How Handsome, in Glidden's neutrals category. Also with eastern exposure, you're getting a lot of morning light, as opposed to western exposure which gets warmer yellower light, so pick a neutral that's not too cold or sterile.
Abrir Glidden Color Coach
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