Haga que cualquier habitación parezca más grande usando color - Consejos para la decoración y pintura del hogar

Haga que cualquier habitación parezca más grande usando color

Sensación de amplitud para espacios pequeños. Hay muchísimos trucos para hacer que una habitación se sienta más amplia y espaciosa. One of the easiest and quickest ways to visually expand a room's space is with a fresh coat of paint.

Types of Colors That Add Space
Most people know that light colors for rooms, like whites, yellows and light grays, open up the feeling of smaller-sized living rooms. However, modern designers lean toward cooler room colors to add space. Today's trends include colors like blues and lavender

Make A Room Feel Bigger With Paint

Contrary to the recommended light color scheme, navy adds elegance to a room. According to designers, a deep blue like Annapolis Blue actually gives the illusion of space to small bedrooms, even though it is a dark color. 

Make A Room Feel Bigger With Paint

Quick Color Tricks
Home designers know how to use color to play up a space. One of the ways interior design blogs talk about is to paint the trim the same color as the walls. A monochromatic trim and wall makes it seem like the wall extends further than it actually does. This is also a great way to hide any trim you do not want to call attention to, for example, if it's not in great shape. 

Another trick is to paint your trim a white, like Snow Storm. This works whether you are using a muted tone or a deep, rich color like Brick Dust. The effect is to draw an eye away from the color of the walls, making the room feel more airy.

Make A Room Feel Bigger With Paint

A third trick involves two things many people don't think about when talking paints - ceilings and floors. Most designers recommend going a shade or two lighter on the ceiling than the wall color, for a coordinated look. With floors, most choose a contrasting, warm color either in hardwoods, laminate floor, tile, or rugs. This grounds the room, offers balance, and helps the walls seem more expansive.

Play Up Color in Accessories
One of the best ways to use paint color to enlarge a room is accessorizing with accent colors. Accessorizing can also be a fun family project. One of the best accent colors that also enlarges a space is orange. Whether the orange color is bright, muted or a mix, this color adds fun and happiness to any room. A way to include orange on the walls is to paint blank canvases found in any hobby store with the accent color and hang them as art. No frame is needed and the piece adds a contemporary accent. Other ways are to add things like pillows or ceramic pieces.

Any room can feel larger with the right combination of color. Fortunately, there are thousands of variations as your options. To find a color for your project please click the link below.

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