Colores para cocinas - Consejos para la decoración y pintura del hogar

Colores para cocinas

La cocina es el corazón de la casa y todos la usan por una variedad de motivos. Los colores de la cocina y su energía tienen un impacto enorme en la vida cotidiana. 

Light Kitchen Colors

Off-white paint colors make it easy to choose accessories for any mood. Also, you can inexpensively update the kitchen throughout the year to match the seasons.

Midtone Kitchen Colors

These midtones are perfect for promoting strength, creativity, or open communication.

Bright & Lively Kitchen Colors

Create your lively kitchen

Great for personalities with unique charm, intense greens and yellows pack an optimistic and energetic punch.

Create your delightful kitchen

A stark black and white harmony becomes warm and cheery with peach and golden hues and are great for painting kitchen cabinets.

Create your charming kitchen

Let a bold, dynamic color instantly charge up an off-white palette.

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