Cómo remodelar una habitación sin gastar demasiado - Consejos para la decoración y pintura del hogar

Cómo remodelar una habitación sin gastar demasiado

Q: How do I remodel a room without spending a ton of money?

A: Give your home the makeover it deserves without putting a hole in your wallet. Remodeling can get expensive, however adding a fresh coat of paint to your room can make a huge change and still fit your budget.

Choose the Perfect Color

Choosing the perfect color is the key to livening up a space. If you want to make your small space feel light and airy, go for a lighter color like Delicate White. A dark, more saturated color like Tattle Tail tends to make walls feel closer if you are going for a cozy feel. Neutrals, like Toasted Almond, are good for rooms where you do a lot of entertaining like a living or dining room. Reserve su color favorito para un espacio personal como el dormitorio.

Remove Everything

The first thing you need to do is remove everything from the room you are painting. You don't want to risk getting paint on your expensive couch, or trip over one of the kids' toys. Take off all pictures from the walls, curtains, and other décor. For objects in a room that are more difficult to remove, like kitchen appliances, try to pull them away from the wall and cover them with a drop cloth.  

Fix Surfaces

In order for your paint job to look consistent, you must start with a surface that is even and smooth. Eso significa que debe tapar los orificios y rellenar las grietas antes de comenzar. Una vez hecho esto, tendrá una buena superficie nivelada para trabajar.

To Tape or Not To Tape

Professional painters debate on the best method for painting close to adjoining surfaces. La cinta de pintor tiene sus pros y sus contras. Sometimes paint can bleed beneath the tape. Sometimes it can dry over the top of the tape and create a jagged edge when the tape is pulled up. Los profesionales usan un método llamado "delimitar" y así poder pintar las superficies adyacentes. Una brocha angular puede ser útil para aplicar esta técnica satisfactoriamente. Una vez que domine bien la técnica, no necesitará más la cinta. Pero si no tiene experiencia "delimitando", la cinta es una buena opción. Si está remodelando el baño, puede usar la cinta para sujetar el papel o plástico que use para proteger los accesorios de baño. Using tape to help cover fixtures and appliances are also important for kitchen remodeling projects.

The Right Tools For Your Project

Having the right tools are just as important as having the right technique to get the job done. Para pinturas al aceite, los profesionales recomiendan usar pinceles de cerdas naturales. Para casi todo lo demás, las cerdas sintéticas están bien. When covering a broad area, use a roller. When working in small spaces, such as a bathroom, a short-handled brush or a mini roller may be useful.

When you are looking to refresh your home, painting is the way to go. Seguir los mejores consejos de remodelación y hacer el trabajo usted mismo puede ahorrarle mucho dinero. Best of all, you will have a beautiful new space to enjoy.

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