Revisiones de Glidden: Hongos - Consejos para la decoración y pintura del hogar

Revisiones de Glidden: Hongos

Q: What is Mildew?

A: Brown, black or gray spots on paint surface (usually found in corners).  It may look something like this:


Q: How do I fix it?

A: Follow these steps and suggestions:
  1. Following the bleach manufacturer's safe handling precautions, scrub the surface with a solution of 1 part household bleach to 3 parts water, then rinse.  
  2. Trate de disminuir la exposición de la pared a la humedad. Si se trata de un baño, instale un extractor; si es un sótano, un deshumidificador.
  3. In high-traffic areas, use premium latex interior paint for better moisture resistance.

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